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Pink Fuzzy Baboons in Space Part 2 Comments Off on Pink Fuzzy Baboons in Space Part 2

Pink Fuzzy Baboons in Space Part 2

Posted on Sep 18, 2014 in Blog, pink fuzzy baboons

I recently attended a class with Steve Scott. In the class, Steve talks about how he got the key phrase “Pink Fuzzy Baboons in Space” ranked at the top of the Google search results. I am certain that Mr. Scott uses this example in several of the classes that he teaches. So, I am here to say “Hello” to Steve with my own post about “Pink Fuzzy Baboons in Space“. Pink Fuzzy Monkeys in Space? Is a monkey similar to a baboon? I think a baboon may be a type of monkey, but I don’t think any of them are pink. In this post I used the key phrase in the page tittle, I am also going to include the bold text about baboons and pink fuzzy things that exist or may not exist in outer space. I am also going to include a picture of fuzzy baboons with some alt-text related to this phrase. Here are some things related to our topic: Baboons Space Ships Rockets Monkeys Pink Animals When we think about pink fuzzy baboons in space, it is easy to think about other things that are pink and fuzzy. My daughter has a stuffed baboon animal that she keeps in the closet. We asked her if...

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