Yahoo! Emails Not Coming through Contact Form

Due to recent changes at Yahoo!, contact forms submitted from your website may not be making it to your inbox. They don’t even go into your spam folder, they simply disappear.

Note: This only happens if the person who filled out your form is using a Yahoo! email address.

Essentially, what is happening is that your email provider is checking to see if they email was actually sent by Yahoo!. Because the email originates at your website (not Yahoo!) it is discarded before it ever makes it into your inbox. You can read more in the links below:


We have come up with a solution to this problem. However, this means you have to change the way you reply to messages.

Below is a screenshot from Gmail, showing how to copy and paste the sender’s address into the reply field. Your email client may be different, but the process is the same.

1. Copy the sender’s email address from the body of the form.

2. Paste the sender’s email address in the ‘reply-to’ box.

contact form 7 reply

Information on how to apply this fix can be found here:

Below is a screenshot of the changes made within Contact Form 7:

1. copy the code from the ‘from’ field: Reply-To: [your-name] <[your-email]>

2. put your email address in the ‘from’ field.

3. paste the code you copied from step 1. into the ‘additional headers’ box.

4. click ‘save’

contact form 7

Please Contact Us if you would like us to apply this fix to your website.